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Fargo Exterior Painting

We offer an array of exterior painting services – everything from traditional spray methods to spray-roll and also manual brush and roll applications.

Almost all of our exterior products we use will be of an acrylic nature. This helps in regards to pliability, color retention and longevity.

Our exterior paint services will always include non-blocking, waterborne trim enamels of the highest quality to be used on all garage doors, service doors and front door jambs.

As always, the film of paint on top is only as good as the prep work underneath. Proper cleansing, preparation, caulking, patching and priming (as needed) are essential to any quality exterior paint service.

We also offer many exterior wood treatments such as staining, oiling and varnishing. Please see WOOD TREATMENT.

Exterior re-paint frequency suggestions for Stucco and Brick surfaces is 3 to 5 years or as needed

In general, the reasons for painting your stucco and/or brick etc. are UV fading, peeling, cracking, checking and efflorescence. For the most part, (other than cracks allowing water to penetrate the structure) painting will be due to aesthetics.

  Exterior paint frequency suggestions for wood surfaces is 1 to 3 years or as needed

This is where the troubles happen. Unlike its counterpart, (stucco/brick), wood is biodegradable by nature and its treatment will be of a much less aesthetic motivation as much of a preservative measure. Please see WOOD TREATMENT.

In some communities your Home Owner’s Association will provide guidelines regarding when to paint your home and the approved colors.